We make you feel the nature in its deepest way, Stop & Stay, Pause & Play to Blow you Away...

Coldspot is a people-oriented travel organizer combining health and nature into each of its tours, operating mainly in the healing nature of West-Iceland.
We offer more as our tours are a 5 in 1.
What does that mean?
Every tour is a combination of traditional travelling, exceptional experiences, physical activities, inward thinking and temporary digital detoxing – just for you to remember how it was to live without the constant irritation of digital devices and how relaxing it is to turn it off for a while.

The problem with a traditional vacation is that it doesn‘t relieve stress. Luckily Coldspot has the solution to the problem. We give you a holiday of a lifetime, a great chance to put a pause on your daily affairs in order to explore, rest, relax, recharge and reconnect with you and other people!

That‘s where Coldspot is on the spot!

Our mission is to provide you with a real break from your daily life and leave you with a valuable take-away for life, not just regarding the Icelandic nature and nation but also regarding life, its meaning and its worth!
With us you‘ll recharge the batteries and go from blue to blooming!

Our tours at Coldspot are for all ages. We love mixing generations together as we don‘t believe that age matters, where you come from or what you do for living. What counts is that we are a group of people spending that extraordinary time together in Iceland where we create valuable memories that will hopefully last you a lifetime – or until you decide to travel with us at Coldspot again.

Why do we call us ColdSpot ?

  • Iceland is COLD

  • Iceland is an island – a SPOT in the world map

  • A wi-fi coldspot is the opposite of a wi-fi hotspot

  • - ColdSpot specializes in digital detoxing tours