Reconnect to nature, to other people and with yourself. We'll Stop & Stay, Pause & Play in our private farm where we‘ll experience new wonders in nature as well as within ourselves.


12 hours


44.900 ISK





Fancy taking a step back in time, go back to basics and reconnect to nature as we invite you to a relaxed stay in our private farm where we‘ll live the moment to it‘s maximum.
The farm has been in the family for ages and we‘re delighted to welome you and tell you about the everyday life of the people living here and how they managed until about 50 years ago to live a good and a happy life without electricity, running water and with bad roads.
We‘ll take you to our secret and private places and stop and stay in our favorite spots to embrace the nature and all its wonders…

You will discover new wonders in the nature as well as within you as you walk in the middle of nowhere in total peace and tranquility while enjoying not being interrupted by anyone. Just close your eyes and breathe pure air.

It is a wonderful way to feel fully alive!

Just imagine boiling an egg in a hot spring, drinking pure water directly from the river and even jumping in (don‘t worry, it is good for you!), relaxing in a natural pool, get a motivation by our presentation „Don‘t die with the music still in you“(showing you how to live your dreams and have no regrets in life).
The trip will end with a delicious and a unique barbeque „the old way“ as we Pause & Play in our fascinating century old barn. The ingredients on the menu are from the area.

This tour is the perfect choice for natural lovers, people enfavoring inward thinking and people needing to slow down the rythm of their lives a bit.

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Transportation, travel guidance and motivational speaking.
Lunch, snacks and barbeque.
Optional: Horse back riding.