A real digital detoxing tour combined with physical activities, inward thinking and motivation for people tired of their demanding and stressful lifestyle – simply needing some space to breathe in and recharge the batteries.


10 hours







Are you chained to your phone, overloaded by information and know that digital devices play a too big role in your life? Do you get the feeling that you are in fact missing your real life? Or are you simply a health-aware nature lover willing to try a new way of travelling?

Then Coldspot‘s Disconnect tour is the hot spot for you!

With no wi-fi connection, stress, work talk or ego comparison we‘ll pause for a moment, plug you into real life and show you all the wilderness of things you can experience without technology taking all your time and energy. You will be surprised!

Get ready to become the leader of your own life again and welcome a new perspective, mindful living and balance as well as a healthier relationship with digital devices, other people and most importantly – yourself!

We‘ll stay at our charmistic little home village Hvanneyri, visit nearby spots and learn about the magical effect of digital detoxing and how to live every moment. We‘ll do physical activities and have fun in the open air, walk on a remote trail and enjoy the silence and peace as we try our luck in meeting our friends, the sea eagle, the owl and the elves that live in the cliffs near our home!

In order to provide you with a real stress-free zone and reset your mindset we will relax and meditate in a spectacular floating tour in a natural pool.

We’ll warmly welcome you to spend the night with us and enjoy delicious local food from the area.

Keep in mind that sometimes the best way to reconnect is to disconnect!


Transportation, professional travel guidance & motivational speaking.
Lunch, pick-nick and dinner.
Optional: Swimming or floating.

Attention please!
Note the things to leave at your accommodation:
Your mobile phone, your tablet and computer. (Don‘t worry – you’ll still have plenty of pictures taken ,,the old way”), your 9 to 5 worries, your workload, your next meeting… stop thinking about it for a day – you will survive, we promise!